Session on “Embracing life, embracing womanhood"

A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.
The Abhaya forum organised a session on “Embracing life, embracing womanhood" for the students of the commerce and arts stream on August 1st, Monday. The Vice Principal, Sr. Janet Sequeira AC conducted this thought provoking session, and truly enlightened us. She spoke on the importance of knowing one's worth as a woman, and embracing everything that comes with it. She showed us, that as women, we are equally capable as men, and we have to realise our strengths and overcome our fears that we mistake to be our weaknesses. She spoke about trust, with an exercise in which she demonstrated the ' trust therapy ', where she called a few students on stage and we saw how the respective students' trust in her grew, with each fall. Sister then educated us on right posture, and positions to help with menstrual problems, which was very informative and helpful. We concluded with a fun dance to the "ketchup" song which was the perfect way to end the day, full of life, love and laughter.