Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

St Agnes PU College celebrated Gandhi Jayanti, the International Day of Peace. Gandhi Jayanti is observed every year on October 2nd to establish a new India, one based on non-violence, truth, peace and love.

The event began with a powerful quote from Mahatma Gandhi, “In a gentle way, you can shape the world.”The programme was hosted by Nimra Patel and co-hosted by RidaThayyeba, Principal SrNorineDSouza, Vice Principal Sr Janet Sequeira, lecturers and students participated in the event.

The occasion was initiated by invoking the blessings of God with a prayer song. Afreen delivered a phenomenal welcome speech. The event was inaugurated by the Principalby garlanding the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, followed offering flowers by the Vice Principal, staff representatives and students. An oath- taking ceremony was led by Navya, where all students, teachers and guests held up their right hand in a solemn promise to honor their motherland and uphold the values of peace andnon-violence. This was followed by a video presentation depicting the profound thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi. A dance was performed by Suhaani and group. A Collage Competition was conducted on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on the theme of ‘Truth and Non-Violence,’an inspiring moral that underpinned the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

The celebration concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by ZoharaHessa.