Outreach Programme - II CEBA/SEBA 'A' batch and II PCMB 'C'

On 21st October, II CEBA/SEBA-A batch and II PCMB 'C' accompanied by Mrs Olivia Patrao and Dr P V Shobha visited Mother Theresa Ashram to spend some time with the elderly. This was an inspiring and eye opening experience for us. We sang songs and performed dances, conducted games interacted with them to forget all their worries for a moment.

Throughout this, we met many ladies who were more than happy to share their stories with us, and we were all ears to their inspiring tales. One of the ladies told us the heartbreaking truth of how she ended up in the ashram. She narrated thoughtfully the tragic incident that led her to lose one of her legs. The elder continued by telling us how her children abandoned her and left her alone in the ashram. It was truly heartbreaking but then her smile when she saw us performing and talking to her was the most beautiful thing ever. Seeing a smile that has struggled through all these years is the most heartwarming sight in the world.

We realized that by talking to older people we learn a lot about the world. The best classroom is at the feet of elderly people, is something we all need to learn.We all contributed some money and bought a wheelchair and some groceries to share with them.

After talking to all the people in the ashram we came to the realization that if we respect the elderly the world will respect us.