Outreach programme - I PCME & I PCMS

As the part of Outreach programme I PCME & PCMS students visited Hongirana and Mussanje - Pallitative care home, Bendore on 22 October 2022. According to Shakespeare, old age is the age where the person behaves like a child, and we witnessed the same. They were in hunger of love and to love. When we entered Hongirana the inmates sitting by the door shook hands with us which cheered us. When we introduced ourselves saying that we were from St. Agnes College one of the inmates said that she too isAgnesian and told "St Agnes is the best college in Mangaloreā€, that was the proud moment for us.

The inmates there were very compatible and friendly. They treated our whole day with their beautiful smiles and didn't reflect their problems even for a second. To break their monotony, students indulged the inmates in some of the activities. We began by singing songs, some students presented their dance and the inmates danced along. We conducted games and got positive response from them. We gifted them hospital bedside table and they felt really ecstatic. Then the students interacted with the inmates and one of the inmates told us that we were the angels sent by God which was very overwhelming. The other inmates asked us what was our ambition in life, told the importance of education, how we need to work hard to reach our goals, and that we should save others life as we save ours- which meant never let go of a person who needs and cares about you. Through this outreach program we got some piece of advice which we never knew we needed and we were thankful for them.

Among them were Directors, writers, teachers, retired bank officers. We gave them handmade flowers as a present, for which one of them promised that she would remember us whenever she saw the flowers. They also invited us to visit their home during Diwali and showered their blessings upon us. It was indeed a memorable outreach event.